Yuki Tsunoda takes us on a trip around his hometown of Kanagawa, in Japan. We take a look at the places to visit, sites to see, and of course, the motor racing scene.


“My hometown is Kanagawa in Japan. I think the most famous town in that region is Yokohama, and I really like it there. Tokyo is next to Kanagawa, but Kanagawa is on the seaside and I prefer that personally.

“You have got China Town in Yokohama, which is probably the most famous China town in Japan. You can get really good Chinese food. Like I said, for me the positive thing in Kanagawa is Yokohama especially, and also Minato Mirai. It's in Yokohama but it's more seaside and it looks beautiful! Tokyo is a proper city prefecture. There's a lot of famous buildings and it's a real city.

“There's a place called Kamakura, which has really old-style houses and castles, and things to see. That is where I am living. Kyoto, my engineer went there, and he said it was really amazing. It is amazing. There's old style houses and really famous Japanese tea you can drink. There's a beautiful Japanese castle there."

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“There's a Japanese football team called Yokohama FC, who are famous in Japan. It's the same as the Spanish league for example, you have the first league and second league. Yokohama FC are in the Japanese first league, so they're quite a strong team, although I don't support them much! The baseball team in Yokohama is more famous than the football team. Japan is quite strong into baseball. There's a Yokohama baseball team and I support them a little bit, although I like football more.”


"The seafood in Hokkaido is really nice, it is the best seafood you can eat, maybe even in the whole world. Honestly, it is the best sushi you can eat. There is also a lot of good beef. I really like seafood. The seafood in Kanagawa is also really good, but not the best in Japan. The best place in Japan to eat seafood is Hokkaido. It's an island at the top of Japan. You can eat really good Japanese seafood.

“In Suzuka, you can eat really good food! Especially the wagyu. Same as Kobe beef. There's a brand of beef called Matsusaka beef. It's really nice. When I go to Suzuka, I always eat the good beef there and enjoy the food there. You should definitely eat there. It's expensive, but you should eat there, 100%.

“I really like my home, but I don't get very homesick or miss my family too much living in Europe, but I always get, how do I say it... foodsick? To be honest, I live in the UK at the moment and there's not much good quality food like in Japan. For example, fish is much better from Japan, and the beef is much better, so I always get foodsick!”

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“There is a karting track, but no bigger circuits. I karted there when I was young, but when I was between 10 and 16 years old, I had a bigger kart and there were no tracks to drive on. I had to go to Suzuka's karting track and other prefecture's tracks.

“For motorsport, I would say other places like Suzuka. Suzuka for me is really special. The place there, to be honest, is a little bit boring, but inside there's a lot of things to do in Suzuka circuit.”