FIA Formula 2: We are joined now by the new FIA Formula 2 Champion Théo Pourchaire. Théo many congratulations to you. You are the FIA Formula 2 Champion, how does that sound?

Théo Pourchaire: It’s unbelievable, I still can’t believe it. To be honest, I am so proud of myself, so proud of my team, so proud of everybody that worked with me that helped me to achieve this goal. I mean I am the new Formula 2 Champion; it is crazy to say it, it’s unbelievable. I am super happy as I said, super tired as well. It’s a very, very important season in my career, an important title. I am a Champion, it is crazy.

FIA Formula 2: Let’s talk about the weekend now, you came into this round with a 25-point advantage over your rival Frederick Vesti. Friday was a very busy day for you, Formula 1 and Formula 2. Ultimately you qualified P14, how did you mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming battle ahead?

Pourchaire: It was not an easy Qualifying on Friday. Unfortunately, I was not driving very well, but we also had a small issue on the car. We had a small water leak on the car, and we had to change some parts for the Sprint Race. I didn’t do a great job in Quali so starting P14 for both races was really stressful. I knew Fred was in the top 10 and he had an opportunity to win the Sprint Race. He won a lot of Sprint Races this season, so I knew starting P2 for him, he was going to win. I was sure about this; I was hoping for Enzo to win the race or anybody else, but I mean Fred on the reverse grid is really hard to beat. Today’s race was very, very, very stressful, like very, very, very stressful – crazy! All of the laps I was pushing really hard, but I didn’t want to do any mistakes. I also defended like crazy on Fred. I needed to do that to make him lose a bit of time. Overall, a very good drive in both races from my side. Very good car from the team and we did it.

FIA Formula 2: You are the youngest pole-sitter, and the youngest race winner in Formula 2. Second best Rookie in 2021 behind Champion Oscar Piastri, runner-up in 2022 and now Champion in 2023. You have always had a starring role here; how would you summarise your career in FIA Formula 2?

Pourchaire: I mean I think I did my best throughout those three years in Formula 2. As you said, I am the youngest ever pole-sitter, the youngest ever race winner, I won in Monaco. I did my best. Of course, I injured myself in 2021 mid-season, I didn’t miss any races, but I injured my radius in Baku, so it was tough to race in Silverstone. I was a bit unlucky in my first two seasons, especially the second one where there were many issues on the car but also, I did many mistakes. It was not an easy season last year, I still finished Vice-Champion, this year I wanted to win the Championship. I worked really hard this winter. ART Grand Prix did an amazing effort to have me in their team. Same to the Sauber Academy, without them I would not be here, I would have been only a reserve driver. They trust me, I trust them of course and we did it together so it’s amazing.

FIA Formula 2: Tell us a little bit more about this season, is there one particular race weekend that stands out?

Pourchaire: Yeah, there are a few ones for sure, Bahrain it was crazy. I was ready, so ready, for Bahrain, it’s one of my favourite tracks. The Qualifying was crazy, I was really fast in the race, the Feature Race especially, the start was perfect, and I won the race. It was almost the perfect weekend. A lot of ups and downs this season, only one win but a great consistency two pole positions, 10 podiums. A lot of points finishes, that’s the most important. Also, the weekend in Spa was really important to take back the lead of the Championship right before the summer break. Mentally it was really important and from this moment I knew I was almost in control of the Championship. I mean it is always easier to be P1 and to control the gap with P2 than chasing the guy who is leading the Championship. Spa was an important weekend as well.

FIA Formula 2: ART are the Teams’ Champions this year as well, how key have they been in your success?

Pourchaire: Really important, really, really important. That’s four years of my life with them. It’s the end of a great journey. Formula 3 Vice-Champion, Formula 2 Vice-Champion, Formula 2 Champion, youngest ever race winner in F3, youngest ever race winner in F2 with them. We did a great job. We didn’t win any titles before today and everybody was ready to win. They all wanted me to win this title, the Teams’ title and the Rookie Championship. We won everything this season, it’s a great, great end to a beautiful story together. As I said on the radio, I will never forget them, forever in my heart – I love them.

FIA Formula 2: Very well done to you.