This new feature delves into the relationship between teammates in the paddock. Who has the most annoying habit? What superhero would they be? What advice do they have for their teammates?

Dams duo Sérgio Sette Câmara and Nicholas Latifi are up next…

Describe your teammate in three words?

SSC: I would say experienced, consistent and straight-forward.

NL: I would say passionate - about racing! Dedicated, and fast.

SSC: Awww, I nearly cried, especially with the passionate one laughs.

NL: I am not sure if passionate is the right word, but I think it is when talking about racing. You seem very passionate about it.

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What is your teammate’s most annoying habit?

NL: He is always late!

SSC: No I changed! Jordan King was saying that all of the time, but I got better, although I was late to a few winter tests. For Nicholas, he chews with his mouth open all of the time and makes noises - it's crazy! Although I have kind of gotten used to it, it’s like a background noise now.

NL: It’s soothing.

What’s your teammate’s best quality?

NL: He is really into the small details and focuses on them.

SSC: He is really good with procedures: when he gets something, he won't lose it and if he learns something, he won't forget it. For example, he is going to constantly nail the starts and that is not always easy. I think that’s very intelligent and it is important in the Championship. It is a great example of a very key thing.

Which of you has the best jokes?

NL: We both have good jokes and I’d say it’s even. We have cracked each other up a few times.

SSC: I would agree, it's a draw.

FIA Formula 2: Any examples?

NL: There are a few jokes we can't speak about or wouldn't sound funny, but they make us laugh in the moment.

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What meal would you cook for your teammate?

SSC: Some kind of desert. I don't cook, so I would have to read the recipe, but if I have cooked it, he better eat it.

NL: I would cook some scrambled eggs, I can make good scrambled eggs.

SSC: Ohh come on! Laughs Okay, I will take it.

NL: I make good crepes too, but I don't have them too much.

SSC: I'll change then, you can have some instant noodles!

NL: Fine, I will make you crepes with Nutella.

If your teammate was a superhero, which one would they be?

NL: I don't think it is really a superhero, but the Tasmanian Devil.

SSC: That was my favourite when I was younger.

NL: He has brown hair, he’s short and he growls.

SC: That was sort of my nickname actually, Taz. For him, I would say Deadpool because he is funny and because of the accent.

NL: Yeah that works, we are both Canadian.

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Which of you knows the most about cars?

NL: I think that is a bit of a misconception with racing drivers, that we all love cars.

SSC: I don't really care about cars.

NL: I would say it is pretty even - the fun comes from driving them.

Who uses their phone the most?

SSC: Probably me… Although I don't actually know where my phone is.

NL: Travelling so much on trains and planes, something has got to keep you entertained.

SSC: I listen to a lot of music and I spend a lot of time thinking about nothing.

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate for this season?

NL: I don't want to give him advice, I want to beat him!

SSC: Close your mouth when chewing.

NL: Show up on time - this has gone in a circle laughs.