*This new feature delves into the relationship between teammates in the paddock. Who has the most annoying habit? What superhero would they be? What advice do they have for their teammates?

Carlin duo Louis Delétraz and Nobuharu Matsushita are up next…*

Describe your teammate in three words?

LD: Funny, fast, brakes late.

NM: Friendly, fast, and brakes early! laughs

What’s your teammate’s most annoying habit?

NM: His nutrition is really weird. He will eat stuff plain, no sauce at all. Like bread, but with nothing on it.

LD: I don't only eat bread! laughs. For clarification, it is more pasta and chicken, but with no sauce. It is a bit dry, yeah. Hmmm, how about your annoying habit?

NM: I have nothing.

LD: He definitely does, he has too many to choose one. He always brings Japanese snacks, which isn't bad, but I don't like them.

What’s your teammate’s best quality?

LD: He is very easy to work with and to share data with, so that we can move forward as a team.

NM: Same for him, he is a good guy.

Which of you is the funniest?

Both: Me!

LD: The engineers are probably the funniest. In Baku, I took his shoes away and hid them in the paddock.

NM: He plays pranks like that quite often, I don't really.

What meal would you cook for your teammate?

NM: I am a really good cook, like Michelin star quality. Maybe a chicken Caesar salad. I like cooking, whenever I am in the UK, I cook for myself.

LD: I am not great at cooking, I can do pasta and chicken and easy stuff, but not much, so I would take him to a restaurant.

If your teammate was a superhero, which one would they be?

NM: He would be Flash.

LD: The Ninja Turtles - that's a good one! I was a big fan.

Which of you knows the most about your car?

NM: He has more experience with these cars, as he has been here longer, so probably him.

LD: yeah that’s true.

Who uses their phone the most?

Both: Me.

LD: We text each other in the truck, like 'look at this.'

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate for this season?

LD: Stay the same.

NM: Be more arrogant – sometimes.