We sat down with Carlin’s Logan Sargeant to chat all about his greatest influences on and off the racetrack. The American racer reflects on the people who have supported and inspired him throughout his journey to Formula 2.


“Both my parents have always been very supportive of me racing. I feel like he's always had my back no matter the situation. Also, the way he goes about what he needs to do and his discipline, as well as his business mindset. He’s a good and smart man, someone to look up to and he’s a great dad too.

“In times where you're a bit down you need someone to keep helping to push you forward and to try to help you see the bigger picture - where you're trying to get to, not to focus so much on the now and he's really helped me in that aspect. Everything sort of adds up and obviously holds a special place "

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“He was doubted early in his career and wasn’t expected to be anything. Then he kept his head down, kept working hard and now comes out as one of the best-ever at the sport he plays (American football).

“That inspires me because it doesn't really matter at all what anyone else says because they're not the ones putting in the work, they're not the ones making the sacrifices. At the end of the day, you know how hard you're working, and you know what you're capable of, which no one else does. Always believe in yourself and keep going forwards.

“I always try my best to stay humble, learn the best I can from my mistakes and drown out the outside noise. There’s always going to be people talking about you, but you have to use that as extra motivation. I just try and do the best job I can at all times.”

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“Last but not least – Lewis Hamilton’s an influence on all young racing drivers because that’s where we aspire to get to. We all want to eventually be in his position, winning World Championships. I think the way he’s done it is as good as anyone really could’ve done it, his pure raw speed was pretty incredible.

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“He’s clearly made all the right decisions. I think the way he handled the end of last year, he didn't really make too much noise about it, just kept working and took some time to get away from it. He’s back this year and that’s not an easy thing to do, I’m sure. I feel like in those difficult situations, he handles them the best.

“I started watching F1 in 2009, so obviously he was already doing extremely well at that point. You pick up on things that the F1 drivers are doing, but at the end of the day, you have to experience it yourself to really make those steps. You can’t just see what they’re doing and immediately be able to go out there and do it.

"It’s sort of a process – you can see what they do and try to build yourself up to it and eventually be able to get there, but it’s a challenge that’s for sure!”