FIA Formula 2: Hello and welcome to the Press Conference of the top three finishers for the FIA Formula 2 Championship Feature Race here in Monaco. In third place we have Paul Aron from Hitech Pulse-Eight, in second we have Isack Hadjar from Campos Racing and on the top step for the first time in FIA Formula 2, Zak O’Sullivan. Zak you just won in Monaco from P15 on the grid, can you believe it.

Zak O’Sullivan: No, to be honest. I didn’t think it was on the cards after a tricky qualifying. We had a few issues. I am really happy. The pace was quite strong through the race, still good enough for a top 10. Of course, the Virtual Safety Car (VSC) at the end really helped us out and eventually gave us the win. I think it is a great result for the team. We have had a tricky start to the year, it’s a big boost.

FIA Formula 2: You mentioned that VSC, what went through your mind when you saw the VCS flash onto the boards and you got the call to pit so late in the race?

O’Sullivan: I was in the pitlane by the time I realised it was VSC. Bit of a tricky one, obviously good timing. I am super happy.

FIA Formula 2: As you say it had been a tough start for the team, how good does it feel to pull off a result like this and get that confidence for everyone on the team?

O’Sullivan: It means a massive amount. As I said, we have not had the easiest start to the season. We have gotten quite unlucky at times. But hopefully it is a big boost to the team. It could be the beginning of a better part of the year.

FIA Formula 2: Isack a second place for you today but I imagine it doesn’t feel very sweet right now. Just give us your reaction to those final few laps. What went through your mind when you saw Zak come out ahead of you?

Isack Hadjar: It was a weird race. I was really confidant. I am really happy about the second place because I know that it was probably where I was going to finish with Verschoor being the leader from P1. So he got super unlucky as well. At the end I got unlucky. So second, if you told me this morning I would end the Feature Race second I would take it starting from third. The way we lost it at the end is really painful. That is why I got super mad but it’s all good now.

FIA Formula 2: You appeared to have the race under control from the position you were in once you took the net lead. Did if feel like everything was going your way after Martins’ poor start and getting Verschoor with that problem?

Hadjar: Yeah it was a great start. Richard was the quickest. He pulled away. I was having some front degradation and graining problems, and I couldn’t really follow him anymore. Then he had the problem so we benefited from it after a good fight in the pitstop with Paul going for the undercut. To overtake him was good, I felt like I had the race under control. Just lost it on the very last lap so it is tough.

FIA Formula 2: It is great points for second place still and that leaves you just two points off the Championship lead. You are comfortably the top scorer after the last couple of rounds, just how comfortable do you feel inside the car now?

Hadjar: I had a really slow start to the season. After the first few rounds I only scored in the Bahrain Sprint and then three DNF’s when I was running really well. My campaign restarted in Melbourne. Since then we have been really consistent. We are happy with the car in the team. Next is Barcelona, we feel confident there, really fast. Can’t wait to be there.

FIA Formula 2: Paul it is your fifth podium of the season. How do you reflect on today's results given that maybe P2 was on the cards until the end there?

Paul Aron: Yeah, I am obviously happy being on the podium in Monaco. I have been here a few times and always finished third. It is great to be back on the podium. I started fourth so that is where I thought I would finish at the beginning. I had a good start and Victor had a poor start. I even had a chance on the outside of Isack, but it’s Monaco, you don’t want to risk too much. After that the race was strong compared to yesterday I think we made a big step forward. I felt much more comfortable in the car. I think the pace as good, especially on the Softs. We tried the undercut, but it didn’t work. It was really hard to get the tyres up to temperature. Actually the guys on the Option Prime strategy were really strong so we had to cover them off. It was a tricky race, not easy with the tyres. Knowing Monaco it calms down throughout the race. But today as the other strategy was really strong we had to push flat out every lap basically. It was not an easy one but I definitely enjoyed it. Happy to be back on the podium. I was on the podium in Imola as well, but I didn’t enjoy that one as it was not the podium I was hoping for, I lost the win on the last lap. So, I made sure to enjoy this one as I realised after Imola that podiums are not something that happen everyday. We have had a good start to the season but you can’t take that for granted. I made sure to enjoy this one.

FIA Formula 2: It is also a podium in every round so far this season, how happy are you with your consistently that you managed to do that at every track?

Aron: I am very happy. If we look back at my year in Formula 3, I was also the most consistent driver if we looked at the qualifying position and race finish position. That has been my approach this year. As a rookie with a new team, we didn’t know where we would end up. All I tried to do was to put myself in the mix and go from there. I never try to really go 100% for the Pole Position or the win because at the start, with a new car and being a rookie, it is easy to make mistakes. I just tried to put myself up there. I think this is why we have had five podiums in five rounds. But also, I haven’t had a win. That is something me and Hitech are looking for. I don’t think there is any point in pushing it, it is just a matter of time until it comes. Being on the podium on each round, hopefully after this break we can make some small steps forward in qualifying. Then we will be there.

FIA Formula 2: No win so far this year but you are now the Championship leader after this weekend. Does that change anything for you, give you a boost to be the leader or does it add pressure knowing everyone is chasing you?

Aron: I don’t think so. If we look at Imola, I think someone else asked there if I thought that Zane and I would be fighting for the Championship given we were one and two for the whole Championship. Well now Isack has had a really good run of two Feature Race wins and a P2. So now he is right behind me. I think it is still really early. One win can give you a big gap compared to P2 to P3. It is just about making steps forward with the team. It is still a new car for everyone, and we are going to different tracks. For me as a rookie I am still getting more comfortable with the car every round. Here in Monaco, we had the best Qualifying of the year with P4. We were in the fight for the Pole Position. That will be the goal going forward. Improving in Qualifying because I think we have been on top of race pace. I am happy to take the Championship lead but there is still work to do.

FIA Formula 2: Great stuff today to all three of you, thanks very much all.