Thoughts from Lawson, Verschoor and Drugovich

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations to the top three finishers of the FIA Formula 2 Feature Race, in first place and taking his fourth win of the season, Liam Lawson for Carlin. In second place, Richard Verschoor for Trident and in third, Felipe Drugovich for MP Motorsport. Liam, many congratulations, it looked like you had it all under control from outside the car, was that the case?

Lawson: Within the car, I would probably say from mid-race onwards, I definitely think things began to fall our way a little bit with the way the car was. I think everybody started to drop a bit more, and for us, we just basically kept the same balance and as the fuel was dropping, I was able to sort of just run at the same pace. So yeah, really, really happy with that. The guys did a great job with the car, but for the first part of the race it was tough to overtake. Honestly, even when I got DRS eventually ‘cause I think it didn't work for the first couple laps. When I got it, it still was quite an effort you know to get close and the move I made actually was just on braking. It wasn't wasn't from a massive run or anything like that from halfway down the straight. So yeah, really, really happy with the race, obviously looking to try and replicate something similar tomorrow.

FIA Formula 2: The race was red flagged after the opening lap. How difficult was it to get back into that headspace of restarting the race after the long Red Flag period?

Lawson: Because it was quite long, you sort of start to relax a little bit. The good thing is we get like 10-minute call before the race starts again or through before we get released from the pit lane. So, in that you sort of had 10 minutes to get back in the zone a little bit I'd say. When we get the call, we start to put our gear back on and I think by the time we went out, I felt pretty comfortable and ready. Then, like I said that first stint, obviously Richard was quite quick and it only just started to come to us probably quarter to mid-race distance.

FIA Formula 2: Looking at the Drivers’ Standings, you’re now in fourth, just behind your teammate Logan Sargeant – who's under pressure this weekend to say the least. Is this something that you are going to keep in mind going into the race tomorrow starting from P9?

Lawson: I think that obviously it’d be nice to finish (there). I'm more focused on just having a great race tomorrow, I'd like to try and obviously move forward and just have a really solid race, I think. And if we can do that, obviously that puts us in the best possible position in the Standings as well. But I think as I said before, I didn't come into this year to finish third in the Championship, so on that side, it's been a bit disappointing. It would be nice to finish strongly, but I'm more focused on just having it on having a good race to be honest.

FIA Formula 2: Is the Teams’ Standings also in the back of your mind because Carlin are in a good position to fight for the title now?

Lawson: Yeah, I think if we both have a good race tomorrow. Obviously, we're not starting exactly where we want to be, but if we can have a good race then I think there's definitely potential to have a good finish in the Teams’ Standings as well and I think for the team it would be nice. They deserve it, they’ve worked very, very hard this year and we've honestly had a great car I think most of the season. I think displays like today, I would say aren't really surprising from the team, they've done a good job with car all year.

FIA Formula 2: Thank you Liam, moving on to you, Richard. P2 today from the reversed pole position at the start of the race. So, obviously it's another podium with Trident., but was there anything that could have been done today to try and deny Liam?

Richard Verschoor: Well, I think firstly, they were just a bit too quick for us today. At the beginning I thought maybe I could hold him off for a few more laps, but he had a nice move, I couldn't move under braking. They were just too fast, I think. Also, I was pushing it too much in the beginning, then I dropped completely at the end, so we definitely have to look into how we are going to have a stronger race tomorrow. But nevertheless, I think that this the boys deserve another podium, some champagne. So yeah, still happy with the results.

FIA Formula 2: Same question then for Liam. How difficult was it for you to be waiting in the pit lane during the Red Flag period and get back into the rhythm of racing?

Verschoor: Yeah, to be honest, the same as him. You have time to prepare as soon as you have the 10 minutes time. Yeah, I don't really mind it. Of course, it's better to just keep on racing. Would have been nice to do another standing start, but of course for me it was better this way.

FIA Formula 2: You'll be starting from P10 in tomorrow's Feature Race. What can you hope for from this starting position and what sort of an end to the season would you like with Trident?

Verschoor: Of course, we all like everyone try to end on a high with the team. It will be my last race together with them, so it would be very good to have some good points or maybe another podium. We definitely need to improve our race pace because with pace we had today, I don't think we are in a very, very strong position, but I'm sure that we will work hard in the late hours today and then hopefully have a good chance tomorrow.

FIA Formula 2: Thank you Richard, good job today and now in third place, we have our Champion joining us. Thank you very much Felipe. What a great race you had today, you had a quite interesting race cutting your way through the field, can you tell us how the race went for you today?

Felipe Drugovich: Yeah, it was a really good race. Good start, up from seventh to fifth, then the Red Flag. After that, we restarted, and I think I just took a little bit of time to take it easy the first laps and then we started pushing. The car was really good by the end, so we got to overtake another two guys and finishing P3, which was really good. I think it's a good start for today for tomorrow.

FIA Formula 2: What exactly did you learn from today's race making your way through the field that you could use for tomorrow? What needs to be still worked on to try to get you another podium for your final race in Formula 2?

Drugovich: Hydration is very important; it was very hot. So yeah, I think trying to keep the tyres as cool as possible and not destroying them and probably knowing the right time to attack. You don't have many opportunities as it's really easy to overheat the tyres when you’re behind someone here.

FIA Formula 2: Tomorrow will be your final F2 race. What will be your approach for that specific race, knowing that there's still everything to play for your team MP Motorsport in the Teams’ Standings?

Drugovich: I'll go for the win, for sure. I want to win and that would be amazing if I could do that also to help the team get the Teams’ Championship. I’m in a very nice position, just relaxed and racing almost for fun I would say. I think it's very enjoyable the way I can race now and hope they can bring the Championship for the team. So very happy with it.

FIA Formula 2: Thank you Felipe.