Thoughts from Doohan, Vesti and Martins

FIA Formula 2: Many congratulations to the top three finishers of the FIA Formula 2 Feature Race here in Hungary. In third place, Victor Martins for ART Grand Prix, in second place, Frederik Vesti for PREMA Racing and taking his fourth career win in FIA Formula 2, our winner, Jack Doohan for Invicta Virtuosi Racing. Jack, a perfect Feature Race for you and your first win since Spa last year, what is the overriding emotion for you right now?

Jack Doohan: It's what I've wanted to do since the start of the year, and what I believe I've been capable of doing. Coming into this weekend nothing has really changed in my approach, I'm just getting more and more resilient. I'm super happy that we had a smooth race today, the team did an awesome stop, the car was on rails and we made good steps forward from yesterday. To finish it off with mega pace on both tyres was awesome.

FIA Formula 2: Talk us through key moments, the start looked very good. Why did you stay on the soft for as long as you did?

Doohan: I think it was just good comms between me and the team, really making sure that we didn't box any early than we needed to. For the first eight to ten laps I was in a very safe window, I didn't want to extend the gap too much and then have to box. I was happy keeping it around that one-second margin, I knew if I needed to I could push a little bit more. When the options started to deg and the prime started to get a little bit better I thought I'd push a little more. I could keep that pace the whole time, and it was about managing the deg from the rear to the front. When I started to lose the rear I pushed the front a little bit more to equal out the balance. When I boxed it was only because the two guys behind had boxed and we were the only ones yet to pit. I could have extended my stint on the soft at that same pace but in the end, the pace on the medium was very strong.

FIA Formula 2: Did you have any concerns about the medium tyre before putting it on?

Doohan: No not really, to be honest, I assumed that it might be a little bit weaker. However, even on the out lap, my middle sector was matching the guys who were already up to temperature on the medium so from there on in I felt even more comfortable than I did on the option. I think we got the fastest lap when we weren't pushing for it yet so it was a cherry on top to get that at the end.

FIA Formula 2: You described your car as 'unbelievable' on the slow-down lap. We go to Spa next weekend, where you won last year. How confident are you going into these remaining rounds that you can maintain this level of performance?

Doohan: I'm confident that I can maintain this level of performance, but winning last year honestly means nothing. I love the place, we had a great car, but things evolve, times change and we need to push even harder to try and make sure we can replicate something like that. I just want to keep this consistency up, keep this pace that I believe I've had all year. I'm very excited going into the remaining four rounds.

FIA Formula 2: Very well done, many congratulations. Fred coming to you. A fantastic race for you, talk us through those opening moments. How important was it for you to get past Victor at Turn 1?

Frederik Vesti: I knew it was worth taking the risk on the outside because it's difficult to overtake and it's also very difficult to maintain the tyres if you are following. So I wanted to at least challenge Victor or even Jack into T1. My start was good but I would say I felt quite lucky when I exited the corner because Victor had a small lock-up and touched my car and, to be honest, I wasn't sure if I had damage. Sometimes if you hit the car at the wrong angle it can be a tiny hit and it can end the race. To actually have no damage was very lucky for both of us.

FIA Formula 2: You're in P2 at that point, looking at the gearbox of Jack Doohan what did you think at that moment you could do about Jack? Or was it clear that he had a very good pace from the outset?

Vesti: Especially on a track like this, where it's difficult to overtake and overheating is a problem for the tyres, I kind of knew that he was taking it quite easily. A bit like him I tried to manage my tyres, I think it was clear that we didn't want to be the first to box. I think we were all surprised at how far we could extend the option. It was definitely not the plan to box that late.

FIA Formula 2: A quick word on the Championship. You've extended your lead to 11 points over Theo Pourchaire, it's been a good weekend?

Vesti: Definitely. Losing the points in Silverstone hurt a lot and it's a bit of a punch, but coming back like this and responding is what we need to do. I can't believe there are only four rounds left of this Championship, it's flown by but it's so important now to continue to fight and find that performance both in Qualifying and in the races. Hopefully, we can do another step in Spa.

FIA Formula 2: Very well done, thank you, Fred. Victor coming to you, can you talk us through those opening moments of the race and that battle with Fred from your point of view?

Victor Martins: I didn't have a perfect start, it was kind of ok. Then I saw Fred going around the outside. I was trying to stay in the slipstream of Jack to gain speed into Turn 1 and then I braked late, at the same point as them, but I locked up. I tried to avoid any contact but at some point, you don't have the front so I was happy didn't end our race there. For sure it's not what I wanted. Then I tried to focus on my race, to go as long as possible, but when I saw we were all going almost to the end I thought maybe it would be good to try an overcut or undercut at some point.

FIA Formula 2: Talking of wheel-to-wheel racing we also saw you going very close to your teammate at Turn 4. Talk us through that moment as well.

Martins: On the pit exit I was just in front of Fred but he had warm tyres and I had cold ones so I went into Turn 1 and he got me on the exit of the corner. Then I was just trying to get the tyres in the window, trying to go to the limit without going over it. Théo tried to go on the inside of Turn 3 which was a bit optimistic and then we were arriving side by side into Turn 4, I just kept the line. I need to review it because I don't really know what happened but I focused ahead on myself, I will look with the team, and with him if there is something to discuss.

FIA Formula 2: Overall, are you happy with the pace of your car?

Martins: Honestly it was a good race overall. I will say on the prime I was easily going faster and faster, when I asked the engineer how many laps were remaining and he told me just a few I decided to push. Even if I was having big tyre deg I would have been ok with the gap I had behind me. In the end, I just tried to push, maybe one or two laps more and I would have been in the DRS and fighting with Fred but honestly, it was a really good race overall and I think we can have hope for Spa.

FIA Formula 2: Very well done to you as well.