Coming from Germany, David Beckmann has plenty of influential motorsporting heroes to look up to. But who has had the biggest impact on the Charouz Racing System driver?

We sat down with the German to discuss the people who have played a part in his journey to date.


“My dad has always supported me, we have been through a lot of stuff together, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of highs and lows.

“My dad went to F1 races in the past, I think he went to Budapest in the 1990s and I believe he has also been to Hockenheim and Spa too. He was into the sport, but not that much. His business is completely different to mine. He works in the building and production of wind turbines.

“My dad loves motorsport now and follows it a lot. It is because of me that we came into this world.”

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“By the time I started karting, Michael Schumacher had stopped racing with Ferrari and Vettel was coming onto the scene and winning at a very young age. I remember his first win at Monza in 2008 well.

“Seb is a very good example of a person who has worked hard but also has good talent. It was his hard work that earned him those world championships, as much as it was his talent. Seb is really dedicated, and he works so hard. Yes, he had a good car, but he still had to work so hard, it was never easy for him. He is a real hero to me and someone who I look up to.

“I have met him a few times. The first time in 2008 when I was very young, and he was with Toro Rosso. It was at a charity event, I believe, in Hockenheim, and he was really nice. I have met him again a few times since.”

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“It is very important to have your family behind you and I am lucky to have this. You need people who can help to build you up after bad days. People you can celebrate with if you have a good day too. People who believe in you, who can help you get back up and fight again the next day. That’s what my family are for me.”