Campos Racing’s Ralph Boschung is easily recognisable with his stylish Swiss inspired helmet. We spoke with the 23-year-old to find out the inspiration behind his design, and where the idea first came from.

“My first helmet was red and white. There was no Swiss flag, but I was using Swiss colours. I kept that helmet for a couple of years and then when I designed my own helmet, I had the Swiss flag put on the top and have kept that ever since, I am a proper proud Swiss. There have then been small evolutions every year, but nothing major.

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“I am not that patriotic, I am not walking around Switzerland with a Swiss T-shirt on, but I really like to represent Switzerland on my helmets.

“When designing the helmet, I did the designs on paper. I was given a template from the designer and drew on it with pencil, adding the features that I wanted. That is how it started. My art and graphic design skills are really bad, but I think he got the point of it.

“It is a very simple design. I have always kept my designs simple and will continue with that. I like simplicity, with a retro feel to it. I like the old-fashioned helmet designs.

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“This type of design also allows you to add a lot of sponsors and have them visible. I think that you can recognise the helmet quite well out on track and on TV.

“I have been working with and sponsored by Bell for two years now and I have one special helmet for this year. I this design last year in the race at Bahrain when I replaced Jack (Aitken). It is a tribute to Jo Siffert, who was a Swiss F1 driver from the past. I will maybe use it for one or two tracks this year.”