Despite not getting off to the start that he wanted to in Bahrain, Shwarztman is certain that he’ll be handed a “really good” car in Monaco, after coming away from the in-season test at Barcelona with a good idea of what they don’t want – meaning they could then focus on what they do want.

Taking just 16 points from the opening round, Shwartzman and his team attempted to make some changes to the car during the test and ended up ruling a few things out. Currently in his fourth season with PREMA Racing, Shwarztman has faith in his team to now get things right ahead of Monaco.

“I really hope that the engineers got some information from it, something good and something positive that we can use and apply in the next races,” said Shwartzman. “From an information point of view, I think that it was a good test, but for me as a racing driver, I wanted more. My target is to always be first, but we were trying some new things.

“It is testing, and you have to try things. I didn't like them, personally, but I still have faith in my car at maximum percent. I am confident and sure that the car for the races will be really good.”

Speaking from the PREMA factory in Italy, Shwartzman’s preparations for Monaco are well underway, with the Russian set to debut F2 machinery around the historic street track.

Shwartzmans only prior experience of Monaco is in the lighter smaller Formula Renault Eurocup cars
Shwartzman’s only prior experience of Monaco is in the lighter, smaller Formula Renault Eurocup cars

Like his teammate, Oscar Piastri, Shwartzman’s only prior experience of Monte Carlo was in the lighter, smaller Formula Renault Eurocup cars. Vastly different to his current machinery.

“It will be an interesting experience in my opinion,” continued Shwartzman. “With the 18-inch tyres, I don’t know how they will behave on a street track, especially with some very tight corners in Monaco... Hopefully we can turn the car around the corner! It will be interesting with a big and powerful car.

“Formula Renault is way smaller and lighter, without as much power. I remember that the track was very difficult and challenging though, even with the slower and lighter car. There will also be the challenge of pit stops, so that will be interesting and fun with strategy. I love this type of race.”