Ralph Boschung says he is anticipating a “very challenging” Formula 2 Qualifying outing on Friday evening in Imola due to the mixed track conditions.

Early on during the day, heavy rain hit the circuit, which forced F2’s Free Practice session to be rescheduled to later in the afternoon.

Boschung ended the session on top of the timesheets, however drivers had little time to prepare for Qualifying as several red flags were deployed during the 30 minute outing.

With the rain now easing off around the circuit, the track is set to have a dry line for the upcoming F2 session, but Boschung says that the wet section off the racing line will create difficulties for the drivers.

“It's going to be a lot different, it’s most likely, if it doesn’t rain again, going to be full dry,” he said. “We’re going to be on the super soft tyres so everyone will go much quicker, a lot quicker.

“But I think the very difficult thing is there will only be a dry line and possibly 10 centimetres away from the dry line, it’s completely wet. For the warm up of the tyres, it will be very difficult because you can’t weave, otherwise you end up in the wet.

“And then trying to push the limits, minimal mistakes will have very, very costly (outcomes). It’s going to be very challenging.”

The F2 drivers had to wait their turn to take to the Imola Circuit on Friday due to the updated schedule – however Boschung said that he and his Campos Racing team made sure to make use of the spare time.

“That (delay) was quite tough, not just for us drivers but for the whole team,” he said. “We’re pumped up for a time and then that’s rescheduled and we had a lot of waiting time.

“But we tried to make the most out of it, we did a lot of briefings with the team, trying to discuss what could potentially happen in Free Practice, looking at the radar all the time. I think we were quite ready with all the preparation we did.”