NAME: Guilherme Samia: DATE OF BIRTH: 02/10/1996 TEAM: Campos Racing


“One of the most memorable and clear memories in mind is of the 2008 Formula 1 season, which was also the year when I started go karting properly.

“I remember the whole season very well, with Felipe Massa fighting for the Championship. Of course, I remember the race at Interlagos very well – it’s very vivid in my mind. I already had a passion for racing at that age, and that day was very emotional and really tough. I remember it well.”


“Obviously, this year has not been ideal. I have not been as aggressive as I would like to be, due to all of the learning processes that I’ve had to go through. Prior to this season, I spent more than a year off track, which didn't help me, so this has been an adaptive year back in racing. Generally though, I am quite an aggressive driver and I like to attack a lot - I hope to be back doing that soon.

“I have been focusing a lot on getting mileage, both for myself and for the team. As a team, we have a lot to learn and improve. I think now I have got some mileage under my belt, hopefully I can explore my driving a bit more.”


“I won Brazilian F3 twice, but I see my biggest achievement as actually arriving in F2, after a very unusual career path. Even my family never really wanted me to take this path. In the early days, they told me that I would not be where I am right now, so I think being here and achieving this, is the biggest thing for me.”


“Senna, of course. I have an uncle who was very fanatic about Senna and he told me a lot of stories about him, so he is a hero and an idol of mine. When I was growing up though, it was more about Michael Schumacher, Massa and Lewis Hamilton, and I look at those three a lot as well.”


“I like the historic, old school tracks the most. I love Silverstone, Spa and Monza. I would love to have raced in Monaco as well, as I’ve never driven on a street circuit before, and I think it would be very exciting. The calendar is very cool.

“Sochi I had never driven on and Mugello I had never driven on. I drove at Bahrain for the first time in pre-season testing, although I didn't actually get too much mileage there.”