Campos Racing’s Ralph Boschung and Kush Maini were the drivers to beat on the third and final day of Formula 2’s pre-season testing in Sakhir. In the opening session Boschung was well clear of the pack. He laid down a time of 1:45.063 eight minutes into running, finishing two seconds ahead of Trident’s Clément Novalak.

The mantle then switched over to his teammate in the second session, with Kush Maini keeping the Spanish team at the top of the order. A late series of one-lap sprints saw the Indian driver post the best lap of the day, with a 1:42.623 putting him in front of Roy Nissany and Théo Pourchaire.


Ralph Boschung broke the 1:45 barrier within the first eight minutes of track time and remained the only driver to do so, as first of the day’s two sessions focused on race simulations. He later lowered his personal best by 0.036s eight minutes later.

Clément Novalak and Dennis Hauger traded turns in P2 early on, slowly reducing Boschung’s advantage from 4.9s to 2s. However, it was the Frenchman who eventually won out at the chequered flag, finishing ahead of Victor Martins. Roy Nissany was the busiest man out on track in fourth, with 46 laps to his name.

Meanwhile, it was all about the mileage and team preparations for the first race weekend of the ’23 campaign in a fortnight’s time. Racking up 759 laps of the Bahrain International Circuit, all drivers completed at least 20 laps.

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After an hour and a half break, the track sprung back into life. Thriving in his familiar ART machinery, Pourchaire shot up into the top spot, posting a 1:42.913 within the opening nine minutes. Novalak moved Trident into second, 0.257s down on his compatriot’s time, whilst Verschoor slotted behind them in third.

With an hour and 20 minutes of track time remaining, Brad Benavides in the #17 PHM Racing by Charouz car leaped up into P3. It wasn’t a moment too soon, as DAMS’ Arthur Leclerc stopped on track and triggered the first Red Flag of the day shortly after.

Then it was Nissany’s turn to takeover P1, demoting Pourchaire to second by only 0.008s, whilst Enzo Fittipaldi and Zane Maloney slotted both Rodin Carlin cars into the top four. Running once again ground to a halt with 20 minutes remaining, as Trident’s Roman Stanek brought out the Red Flag.

When the session resumed, Kush Maini put his stamp on things, going fastest with a 1:42.623. He remained untouchable to the chequered, finishing over two-tenths clear of Nissany and Pourchaire.

Fittipaldi ended his day in fourth, whilst a last-second effort from MP Motorsport’s Hauger promoted him to fifth. Meanwhile, the Hitech Pulse-Eight duo notched up 98 laps, with Isack Hadjar heading the lap count with 51 to his name.

The 2023 Formula 3 season kicks off with the opening round in Sakhir from March 3-5.


1Ralph BoschungCampos Racing1:45.02728
2Clément NovalakTrident1:47.03123
3Victor MartinsART Grand Prix1:47.05439
4Roy NissanyPHM Racing by Charouz1:47.22346
5Frederik VestiPREMA Racing1:47.26434
6Richard VerschoorVan Amersfoort Racing1:47.33539
7Théo PourchaireART Grand Prix1:47.42640
8Jak CrawfordHitech Pulse-Eight1:47.51244
9Jack DoohanVirtuosi Racing1:47.90035
10Juan Manuel CorreaVan Amersfoort Racing1:47.91230
11Roman StanekTrident1:48.07533
12Oliver BearmanPREMA Racing1:48.14534
13Brad BenavidesPHM Racing by Charouz1:48.23931
14Ayumu IwasaDAMS1:48.38734
15Dennis HaugerMP Motorsport1:48.74745
16Arthur LeclercDAMS1:48.82835
17Jehan DaruvalaMP Motorsport1:48.98842
18Amaury CordeelVirtuosi Racing1:49.14927
19Kush MainiCampos Racing1:49.24536
20Enzo FittipaldiRodin Carlin1:49.29533
21Isack HadjarHitech Pulse-Eight1:49.55723
22Zane MaloneyRodin Carlin1:49.73038


1Kush MainiCampos Racing1:42.62334
2Roy NissanyPHM Racing by Charouz1:42.90520
3Théo PourchaireART Grand Prix1:42.90545
4Enzo FittipaldiRodin Carlin1:42.97115
5Dennis HaugerMP Motorsport1:43.02019
6Zane MaloneyRodin Carlin1:43.09419
7Clément NovalakTrident1:43.17026
8Brad BenavidesPHM Racing by Charouz1:43.22623
9Jehan DaruvalaMP Motorsport1:43.30019
10Richard VerschoorVan Amersfoort Racing1:45.54541
11Amaury CordeelVirtuosi Racing1:45.58730
12Roman StanekTrident1:46.03835
13Arthur LeclercDAMS1:46.49644
14Ralph BoschungCampos Racing1:46.71843
15Ayumu IwasaDAMS1:46.78940
16Frederik VestiPREMA Racing1:47.17143
17Victor MartinsART Grand Prix1:47.30845
18Jak CrawfordHitech Pulse-Eight1:47.43647
19Jack DoohanVirtuosi Racing1:47.57240
20Oliver BearmanPREMA Racing1:47.66842
21Isack HadjarHitech Pulse-Eight1:47.94551
22Juan Manuel CorreaVan Amersfoort Racing--