PREMA ace discusses the items he always has with him


I have my notebook, which I use for my personal notes. I use it when travelling and in racing. Sometimes at the weekend I may not really use it, but then some weekends I will use it every two hours.

I like handwriting because you get a different connection to the words that you put down, so I do like writing things out and making notes.

Reading Material

I have a book with me normally and this one is the Art of Racing in the Rain by Gareth Stein. They have made a movie from it, but I wanted to read the book beforehand and I was quite impressed. There are quite a few things in there that I found I could relate to for racing. I would recommend it to people.

I wouldn’t say that I am reading a lot in general, it is down to whether I have the time and I feel like reading. You use more of your own imagination when you are reading, which is a different kind of relaxation.

Whereas, if you watch a movie, you don't have to think that much, you just watch the movie and that is it. I like to have a good balance between them. If you watch a movie it is over in two hours, whereas if you read a book you can be there for three, four days, depending on the book, so it is a bit different.


I have got two different pairs of headphones with me, mainly in case one of them runs out of battery. In general, I have the Under Armour ones and the ones from Bose. I usually like them sound cancelling, so they are very nice for flights or if you just want to focus on the music or the movie you are watching.