*This new feature delves into the relationship between teammates in the paddock. Who has the most annoying habit? What superhero would they be? What advice do they have for their teammates?

Sauber Junior Team by Charouz Duo Callum Ilott and Juan Manuel Correa are up first…*

Describe your teammate in three words?

JM: Definitely goofy for Callum. Goofy, British, and fast.

CI: Aww thank you. I’d say you’re multi-cultural. Can that count as one word? What else do you want to be?

JM: You tell me!

CI: Stylish and entertaining.

What is your teammate’s most annoying habit?

JM: Talking too much!

CI: Probably yeah… Talking not enough for him.

What’s your teammate’s best quality?

CI: His hair.

JM: Friendliness.

CI: Aww, that’s amazing. He is looking at me with such lovingness, this is getting too emotional.

Which of you has the best jokes?

CI: I would say him, I am funny in a laugh at myself sort of way.

JM: I agree. If we are talking about jokes, I think that is me.

FIA Formula 2: Have you got any?

JM: I don’t say pre-made jokes, they are more comments in the moment and they are usually inappropriate, so I won’t repeat them…

FIA Formula 2: Do you make any pranks?

CI: Well, we are planning to steal Prema’s coffee machine at some point… We’ve been with them a couple of years ago and their machine makes excellent coffee!

FIA Formula 2: Charouz don’t have a coffee machine?

JM: They do, but we want theirs Laughs! I think that the environment at Charouz is pretty relaxed, so even on track walks we can make jokes and comments.

CI: We haven’t done anything big yet, but it is coming.

JM: Maybe you will never know it was us…

What meal would you cook for your teammate?

JM: For Callum, I would probably do pizza because you told me that you like Italian food. If you wanted to impress me and you are taking me on a date to your house and you want to cook for me, what would you make?

CI: A good steak on the BBQ.

JM: I would still give you pizza, but then I would give you strawberries covered in chocolate and some champagne.

If your teammate was a superhero, which one would they be?

JM: Okay, it is a girl…

CI: What!?

JM: No, no, it would be a male version of her. In The Incredibles family, there is Elastigirl, because he is all skinny and he has long arms and I could just see him stretching his arms and legs. That reminded me immediately of you.

CI: I reckon you would be a big version of Dash. The little fast kid, but you are big so….

JM: Okay, that is cool.

Which of you knows the most about cars?

CI: I think it is quite equal in a weird way. We like cars, but we don’t know every single fact about every single car.

JM: You should do a question about something else, like, who knows the most about…

CI: Fish. Who knows the most about fish?

JM: Fishing?!

CI: Fly fishing, deep sea fishing, lake fishing.

JM: Cars, I think we are equal.

Who uses their phone the most?

CI: Me.

JM: Yeah him.

FIA Formula 2: What is on your phone?

CI: Phone stuff… Apps, people, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

JM: You also use snapchat a lot, nowadays people don’t really use snapchat, but you are still always on snapchat.

CI: That’s all English people – It’s brilliant.

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate for this season?

JM: Don’t block me!

CI: For Baku, it would be don’t crash like in Bahrain.

JM: Finish the qualy.

CI: Save the tyres.

JM: Yeah, just don’t crash.

CI: Well unfortunately that mistake has already been made by myself.

JM: Don’t do it twice, once is enough!